Security of Master Internet customers is our first priority

Security belongs to one of our long-term priorities, at Master Internet. With the increasing number of security threats, network attacks and anomalies lately, we have started to set up our own CSIRT security team. Its goal is to increase security in the Master Internet Autonomous System (AS24971) and to improve the quality of services in the field of this commercial network. We emphasize the sharing and exchange of information with other CSIRT teams and therefore we believe it will help faster and more efficient solutions to the problems associated with the attacks. Because it is just information about the characteristics of the attack, the source network, or the successful method of defense, along with the speed of receiving them, which are key factors in resolving such incidents.


Basic information

Hphe: +420515919805
Adress: Master Internet s.r.o.
Cejl 20
612 00  Brno

Business hours

Security incidents are being resolved Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Time zone: GMT+01 / GMT+02 (DST)


PGP key ID: 0x10CA23A2
Fingerprint: 833A 01BD 033B 4F8D 2C18 B5DD FCAE CA83 10CA 23A2

Security incident reports

For reporting issues, please use the following address Do not forget to attach these:

  • Basic contact information (name and organizatin, email, phone)
  • IP address and type of incident
  • A report about scanning must contain a part from the log including the attack records
  • A report about spam or virus must contain a complete full mailheader from the email which is considered to be a spam or virus
  • A report about phishing must contain URL and source of the web page if possible

Team members

  • Jan Hrnčíř | | Fingerprint: 899D 38EC 9EA3 2714 FF13 D59B 5951 822A 36EA E23B
  • Martin Žídek | | Fingerprint: B7B6 79D5 CCEE 75DF 4CA3 D034 78C3 1BB0 9FC6 5909
  • Martin Homola | | Fingerprint: 4C33 1555 4130 EB82 BDC7 779D 0FCD 9B9D 7342 38C3
  • Jan Štela | | Fingerprint: BAB2 CC0B 2087 4D9F 8D2C A10D D331 3AA2 2DD2 E43D
  • Martin Chudý | | Fingerprint: 747D 263D 160E DA8C F503 3FB1 95CB B6D5 7CD3 E9EA